Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Beads and Autumn Beads

Boy, have we been busy. And we had friends over almost every day. That is what Summer evenings are for actually. :) The house was particularly full on August 3rd since it was my birthday. Don't ask me my age... I'm trying to forget it myself. But I feel great, and if I don't look too closely in the mirror (I don't see too well up close anyway...) I can fool myself into being 10 years younger. ;)

I have a few beads listed on Etsy today. Some Summer beads, because I don't want to go into Autumn too fast, and some Autumn beads, because it's just around the corner. And I will try to list regularly on eBay also. I'm moving some sets from Etsy now (so you might get some of the beads you liked at a lower price) but I will have new sets there in the days to come.

Be well and have a lovely Summer.

1 comment:

  1. argh! so beautiful... the blue ones won't last - want to know why? i'm going to grab them! :o)