Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something new

Ellie is feeling better. The antibiotic is doing it's job. Wish we could go without antibiotics, but it seems not. Oh well.
I decided to list some beads in multiples in my Etsy shop. Sometimes you might need many of the same bead, so occasionnaly I will list pairs of beads and indicate how many there are in stock. You can see this at the right of the price. They will be sold by two, so if you need an uneven count, send me a convo or email and I will gladly arrange it so you can have the number you want.
Here are the two pairs that I have in multiple number and a new set of beads that I LOVE. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New beads finally

I've been at a halt in my beadmaking again. My daughter Ellie is sick. A winter related thing (well it usually happens in winter,... many times in the course of one in our case). Don't know which virus or bacteria, but it should go away with time or with antibiotics... we will see about that today at the doctor's office. Can't work much with a sick and miserable child in the house needing me day and night. I shouldn't complain though, first of all I'm not the miserable poor darling with fever and a runny nose, but also, we haven't been affected so much this year with all the sinusitis, bronchitis and all the likes. But, the winter is not finished yet, so I have my fingers crossed.

I've managed to finish a set and matching pairs of beads and spacers that I listed on Etsy. And I assembled a few sets of clearance beads that I listed in my specials page, so have a look at them if you want.

Here is a glimpse of the colors I used on the sets on Etsy:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year

I think it's still time to wish everyone a wonderful new year. :) May 2010 bring you joy, happiness, health, peace and many new and exciting projects to realize.

Well, for my part, everyone in the family is healthy (thank goodness) and my little Ellie is doing great. We had a big scare with her in the last couple of months when we learned that she couldn't hear at all from her left ear. That was hard enough to take, but the worst part was waiting for the results of tests that would indicate if her right hear would deteriorate or not in the years to come. Turns out her right ear is perfectly normal and she can go on with her life without the fear of going deaf from that ear also. Mama is very relieved.

And Mama is back at the torch, finally. The oxygen concentrator is roaring again (literally... it's quite noisy actually) and I just listed new beads on Etsy. Here is a little look at one set: