Thursday, January 21, 2010

New beads finally

I've been at a halt in my beadmaking again. My daughter Ellie is sick. A winter related thing (well it usually happens in winter,... many times in the course of one in our case). Don't know which virus or bacteria, but it should go away with time or with antibiotics... we will see about that today at the doctor's office. Can't work much with a sick and miserable child in the house needing me day and night. I shouldn't complain though, first of all I'm not the miserable poor darling with fever and a runny nose, but also, we haven't been affected so much this year with all the sinusitis, bronchitis and all the likes. But, the winter is not finished yet, so I have my fingers crossed.

I've managed to finish a set and matching pairs of beads and spacers that I listed on Etsy. And I assembled a few sets of clearance beads that I listed in my specials page, so have a look at them if you want.

Here is a glimpse of the colors I used on the sets on Etsy:

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  1. these are so beautiful! i hope your daughter is feeling better soon ~