Thursday, November 19, 2009

First sale

Hey, my man has made his first sale! He does photography whenever he can and features and sells them on Red Bubble . He got a degree in photography at the university a long while ago, but finally took another route in information technology and management. After many years of putting photography aside, he came back to his first love, for the pleasure of it and as a way to fulfill his life a little more. He sold 4 calendars today, congratulations Honey! It might be a start to a new, long career for you. :)


  1. congratulations! how nice that you share art in common... where is his work sold? will there be an etsy shop? :0)

  2. Thanks Mary Jane, he will appreciate your comment. Right now he sells his work on Red Bubble. He thought about opening an etsy shop, but he is concerned about taking care of the printing process, packaging and shipping. Red Bubble does all this and prints different products for him (calendars, prints, cards, T-shirts...) and ships them directly to the customer. I'm working on it though. I think I can convice him to do it and I think it would bring more exposure to his work. That would be nice. :)

  3. Ho Mary Jane,

    Forgot to tell you, the whole family is into arts. Check our creative process in this picture:
    . :)