Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Still alive but not making beads

Hello everyone,

Yes I am still alive... I took a long leave from bead making because of a broken piece of equipment that I didn't afford to replace. That is why you haven't heard from me in such a long time. Meanwhile I decided (strongly encouraged by my husband who would love this new business to grow enough to give him a job to work with me) to go back to an old passion I had of making soap. So we launched the soap business. Actually it's been running for a couple of years, but on the internet it's bran new. You can visit the Etsy soap shop here:

You can also come read my new blog...  about my soap endeavour of course :) :

I miss making beads a lot though and still want to provide you with nice beads to look at in the (I hope) near future. :) I will eventually replace that piece of equipment, but for now I decided to clean my bead box and list some sets of beads in my Etsy shop:

Have fun browsing.


  1. how nice to see you again!
    will go and check out the soap shop...

  2. Thank you so much Mary Jane! It's good to be back. I always love to read you blog and see your work, it's so inspiring! :)