Monday, March 22, 2010

Clearance beads

As I told you earlier, my website and computer are down (still), so I decided to list a few sets of clearance beads, once in a while, right here on my blog. So, if you see something you like, tell me so in the comments section below this post, or send me an email at:

I call these beads «clearance beads» because some are not as perfect as I would like them to be. Some have tiny bubbles in the encasing or the clear raised dots, or the dots are not perfectly placed. Sometimes their only problem is that they are not the same size as the other beads in the set they were destined to be. So they end up in the clearance group in hopes to find somebody to love them as much or maybe even more then their «perfect» counterparts. And yes, they are cheeper. :)

Set 1: Turquoise, Purple and Green, 4 round beads, 8-11 x 11-12mm and 1 squeezed bead13 x 15mm - $12.00US SOLD

Set 2: Turquoise and Brown, 5 round beads, 9-11 x 12-13mm - $12.00US SOLD

Set 3: Green and Violet, 5 round beads, 9-10 x 11-12mm - $12.00US SOLD

Set 4: Black and Lavender (it looks gray on this picture, but it IS lavender), 3 round beads, 8-9 x 11-12mm - $8.00US. SOLD

I will mark each set as sold whenever it is called for.
Have fun shopping. :)

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