Monday, June 15, 2009

An all week celebration

I decided to extand my 2 years on Etsy celebration sale all week!!! So it will end Sunday June 21 at midnight Eastern time. Look for the details of the sale in yesterday's post.

I'm extending the sale because:

First of all, some of you don't do internet surfing during the weekends, so you couldn't take advantage of the sale. :(

Second, I also want to celebrate the opening of my blog. Yay!

Third, I have to pay for my daughter's Summer camp (shouldn't mention this one, should I ? :) )

And last... I have my first follower to my blog! Thanks so much Lisa! I will send you a little something from my bead box. :)

As stated in yesterday's post, I will give you an additional 10% on all purchases from my shops (no minimum) if you just tell me you saw the information on my super blog. So... this means that if you are preparing for a bead show and need lots of beads, or want to stock for the whole year, or if you just love my beads and want lots of them just for yourself, you could buy $200.00 worth or more of my beads and get 30% off and free shipping. That is something to think about... You have the whole week to think about it, but don't wait to long in case they all fly away to new homes. :)

Take care and have fun shopping!

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