Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beautiful day,

It's such a beautiful day today, it's hard to refrain from running after the butterflies outside instead of working inside in the basement. But I really have to be at the torch. I'm really tempted to take all the equipment on the porch and give it a try outside. But I think the wind would blow my flame and would make my beads crack. Oh well... :) If any if my fellow beadmakers have tried it, tell me how it went.

I didn't have access to internet for most of the day yesterday, so there was no post. But three days in four is not bad I think. :)

I want to work on focals in the next few day (as well as my custom orders of course). I have a show coming soon and pendants were my best sellers. I will probably offer many of them to you first in my different shops, so if you want any, I'll make others for myself.

Don't forget my GREAT SALE. Details in the previous posts. I only have 3 so it shouldn't be too difficult to find it. ;)

Have a great day.

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